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510 East Park Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 333-9117

Welcome to the Charlotte Bridge Club
We welcome new players and visitors
ACBL sanctioned bridge games daily, night games also
Zero tolerance policy in effect
No smoking is permitted on CBA property
Lessons available for all levels of play
OVER/UNDER GAME Sunday, Feb 17th.

Barometer Teaching Game
By Ellen & Vinay Apte
Sign Up Required
$15 per person per game
A Barometer Teaching game is a hybrid between a "normal" club game and a lesson. The game consists of 12 boards and lasts about 2.5 hours. Everyone plays the same board at the same time. After all tables have finished each hand, the teacher discusses bidding and play. ACBL Masterpoints are paid to winners.
Grand National Team (GNT) Games
Saturday, Feb. 23rd at 1:00pm
Wednesday, Feb. 27th at 12:30pm
$8 per player
(Local GNT games will be stratified by the highest individual team member's masterpoints.)

CBA Game Results

April 4-7th @CBA