Charlotte Bridge Association

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Janet Case

Valet Parking
In an effort to assist our players who are not able to find a handicap parking space, the Board offers the following:

If you will call or otherwise notify the relevant Pro- prietor or Director at least 1 day in advance and drive your car up to the front door, the Proprietor or Director will have someone park your car and retrieve your car after the game.

Regularly Scheduled Games
MONDAY 12:30 PM (Open & 0-499)
Proprietor: Dave Sutherlin
Director: TOM SNYDER
TUESDAY 12:30 PM (Open & 0-299)
Proprietor: Jackie Key
Director: JANET CASE

6:30 PM (Open & 0-299)
Proprietor/Director: RHEA CALDWELL
  WEDNESDAY     12:30 PM (Open & 0-299)
Proprietor: Jerry Helms
Director: TOM SNYDER
THURSDAY 10:00 AM (Open & 0-199)
Director: JACKIE KEY

6:30 PM (Open) Express Bridge
FRIDAY 12:30 PM (Open, 0-299 & 0-20)
Proprietor: Dave Sutherlin
Director: TOM SNYDER
SATURDAY 1:00 PM (Open & 0-299)
Proprietor: Dave Sutherlin
Director: TOM SNYDER
Please click on the Calendar icon on the Home Page for special Sunday games

Jackie Key Rhea Caldwell

Tom Snyder Dave Cantor

Tom Hunt Julie Arbit